The Old Kingdom’s last rites are so hardcore. There’s ‘Travel without regret. Do not look back’ and then there’s ‘Farewell. Go safely. Do not come back’ and both of them basically mean please don’t come back as a zombie or ghost or other terrifying monster and eat my face off.


"You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain." 

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"I’m not good with dates. You know that.”


tumblr’s favourites as some of dc’s finest. 

wonder woman (diana prince) → gina torres 
powergirl (karen starr) 
→ nicki minaj
zatanna (zatanna zatara) 
→ lucy liu 
black canary (dinah lance) 
→ beyoncé
big barda (barda free) 
→ laverne cox

someone said gina torres for diana and i stood up and shrieked and needed to immediately do a revised dreamcast. it was just Too Good. how did it not occur to me sooner???

eta: i know it’s like way late, but for people asking about laverne, i’m kinda feeling this casting?? yye


Shakespeare plays and sonnets performed using 400-year-old Original Pronunciation.

This video demonstrates why historically informed performance can be so illuminating.  Puns and lewd jokes, hidden in RP, leap out when performed in certain versions of OP.  Rhymes that don’t work in RP, do in OP: love vs. prove, speak vs. break, etc.  The ca. 1600 OP is so rich sounding; I would love to hear a production using it!